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Expressions Top
Here are the available expressions containing testimony in Ojibwe:
condemn SB in testimony
baataam §
condemn: give testimony to ~
condemn: testimony to ~ation
convict: give testimony to ~
testimony: be a ~ to SB
Definition Top
  1. tashahhud, islam: (Islam) Tashahhud: the testimony regarding Allah being the Lord and Muhammad (pbuh) being His Servant and Messenger; it is the uttering of "Ashhadu an la ilaha illa-Allah, wa anna Muhammad abdoho wa rasooloh"
  2. testimonies: evidence, statement under oath; proof
  3. (n) (formal) - (an example of) spoken or written statements that something is true, esp. those given in a court of law Some doubt has been expressed about whether their testimony was really true. The dead man's family's testimonies helped to win the case. (figurative) The reports are testimony to (= clearly show) the many hours of research completed by this committee. (figurative) Your success is a testimony of (= clearly shows) all your hard work.
  4. The oral evidence of a witness in a judicial proceeding, such as a trial - Testimony - Testimony
  5. The act of giving evidence in judicial proceedings. It is increasingly possible to give evidence in another Member State via videoconferencing.judicial-criminal)
  6. Evidence given by a witness under oath.